Greetings From Stephan of Bellatrix,

            I would like to take a moment, not as the Web Master, but as a Son.  

            My mother, Duchess Carol of Bellatrix, is a great woman.  She is well respected by all who know her and has taken much her own time to make the experience of the Society a fulfilling one.  This guide is only outward presentation of what our Mother has done over the past 32 years in the Society.  

            So, I take this time to say publicly...Thanks Mom.  

Your Son,


Sir Stephan

Second Duke of Bellatrix 


PAGE 1 (Forward)
PAGE 2 (Author Background)              PAGE 3 (Chivalry, Courtesy, Honor)
PAGE 4 (C,C,H {Continued})                 PAGE 5 (C, C, H {Continued})
PAGE 6 (Things to Do)                         PAGE 7 (Titles & Courtesy)
PAGE 8 (Who's Who)                            PAGE 9 (Order of Precedence)
PAGE 10 (Order of Precedence)            PAGE 11 (OP {Cont'}& Kingdoms)
PAGE 12 (Kingdoms {Cont'})                 PAGE 13 (Peerage Requirements)
PAGE 14 (Peer. Req. {Cont'})                 PAGE 15 (Rules of the list)
PAGE 16 (Rules of the list) {Cont')         PAGE 17 (Basic Costuming)
PAGE 18 (Basic Costuming) {Cont'})       PAGE 19 (Knowne World Map)
PAGE 20 (Membership in the SCA)          Inside Back Cover (Basic Heraldry)

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*Note From Stephan:  I am in search of a copy of the first Queen Carol's Guide.  If you have one and are willing to scan it or send it to me please contact me Stephan@Bellatrix.Org please.  Thank you for your time and patronage of this site.

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